​BASF collaborated with Arup to present sprayed concrete and waterproofing membrane solutions at World Tunnel Congress 2017


Frank Clement, Global Technical Manager, Membanes, BASF

BASF collaborated with Arup to present three papers about constructing a more cost effective and sustainable tunnel at the World Tunnel Congress 2017 held in Bergen, Norway.

Featuring sprayed concrete and sprayed waterproofing membrane solutions, a case study on recent SCL tunnelling project in London were also shared at the congress.

For in-depth information of the papers, please refer links below:

  • Composite tunnel linings, allowing a more cost effective and sustainable tunnel design. Read more
  • Sprayed Waterproofing Membranes on recent SCL Tunnelling Projects in London. Read more
  • Sprayed concrete composite tunnel lining – load sharing between the primary and secondary lining, and its benefit in reducing the structural thickness of the lining. Read more