​MasterCem LS 3385 – High Performance Customizable Cement Additive

How does MasterCem LS 3385 work?

MasterCem LS 3385 is specially formulated as the high performance strength enhancer for cements for both Ordinary Portland Cement and blended cement. MasterCemn LS 3385 is compatible with all types of cement. It complies with ASTM C465-85 as a non-harmful processing additive.

Field of applications

  • All types of Ordinary Portland Cement.
  • Blended cement with PFA.
  • Blended cement with limestone.
  • Composite cement.

What makes MasterCem LS 3385 a unique solution?​

MasterCem LS 3385 is specially formulated as the grinding aid and late strength enhancer for cements. MasterCem LS 3385 is a very effective cement particle dispersant in both dry and wet form. Its molecules adsorb into cement interstitial layer and react accordingly to enhance the hydration reaction and allow more surface area for cement hydration. Further reactions with cement particles allow precipitation and nucleation processes that contribute to improved development of cement strength.

How can you benefit from MasterCem LS 3385?

MasterCem LS 3385 considerably improves the properties of cement.

  • Increase of cement mill efficiency by up to 8% or mo​​re depending on the cement fineness, characteristics of the materials to be ground and efficiency of the grinding mill
  • Increase in early strength of the cement
  • Increase in late strength of the cement by up to 15% or more depending on the characteristics of the materials