​MasterTop 1615 - Latex additive for MasterTop floor leveling products

How does MasterTop 1615 work?

  • MasterTop 1615 is a ready to use latex emulsion for modifying cementitious floor levelling compounds.
  • MasterTop 1615 is recommended for modifying Mastertop floor levelling compounds to use them as trowellable levelling coats.
  • Smoothing and levelling floors prior to installation of textile and resilient flooring, parquetry or laminate flooring
  • Levelling of cementitious and timber substrates
  • Production of smooth and level surfaces in layers 1-20mm

What makes MasterTop 1615 a unique solution?

Additive for MasterTop 500 series products to increase flexibility and reduce water penetration.

How can you benefit from MasterTop 1615?

  • Excellent adhesion to concrete - Stable levelled floor.
  • Seals pores in concrete - Prevents air bubbles rising through the applied levelling compound
  • Not affected by heat - Can be used with under floor heating
  • Flexible – resists cracking